Aldgate, the home of Whites Gentlemen’s Club

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Whites Gentlemen’s Club is based in the heart of  London, in the area of Aldgate. Aldgate was first recorded in 1052 as Æst geat (“east gate”) but become Alegate by 1108. The name Aldgate did not occur until 1486- 1487, in the Saxon period it was called Eastgate. Aldgate was the easternmost gateway through the London Wall, it lead from the city of London to Whitechapel and the east of London. No tolls were ever demanded at the gate unlike all other city entrances.

The name Aldgate is derived from Ale-Gate, which actually means ‘open to all’.  Today we go by the name Aldgate; with the official population of 3427 (recorded on 30/06/2017). Aldgate has changed a lot though the years and has become an extremely popular destination. Whites is on Leman street which runs through Aldgate towards Tower Hill, the area contains a range of art and cultural attractions, most of them with local, national and international significance Whites gentlemen’s club nestles among all this beautifully.

In 1901 , The Whitechapel Art Gallery was founded in Whitechapel to bring art to the east end, is now associated with innovative contemporary art. The Gallery has acquired the former public library building next door and has plans to extend into it to provide increased exhibition space, education and community facilities. The presence of the gallery and the availability of former industrial and warehouse buildings has resulted in a high concentration of creative industries in the areas around Brick Lane, which is just around the corner from us. Whether you refer to whites gentlemen’s club London as London’s best strip club, London’s best lap dancing club or London’s best Gentlemen’s club, we are the very best.

Aldgate itself  has been experiencing rapid economic and employment growth and In recent decades, the focus of the local economy has shifted from traditional industry and waterfront activity to knowledge based industries, including one of the UK’s largest financial districts, at Canary Wharf. Aldgate benefits from its proximity to central London, with its concentration of commercial and cultural activities. The proximity of central London provides business opportunities for small and medium businesses in Aldgate and provides residents with greater access to a range of employment opportunities. The cluster of large office buildings situated around the gyratory system and Goodmans Fields is evidence of the role of Aldgate in supporting the economy of central London.



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