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ub and Whites Gentlemen’s club

What is a Strip Club? A Strip Club is a club where Striptease performances are given in front of an audience. Whites Gentlemen’s Club is just like any other night club except instead of a dance floor there is a small intimate stage with a silver pole. Instead of the DJ being the main attraction it is the women dancing in an erotic way on the pole who are the main attraction. For your own pleasure the women will get close to you, most likely for you to give them a tip while you sit back and enjoy a beer or cocktail and watch the show unfold. Most strip clubs typically adopt a more rigid approach and overpowering atmosphere whereas at Whites, we adopt a more relaxed approach giving you the feel of being in a cabaret. Whether you refer to Whites Gentlemen’s Club London as London’s best strip club, London’s best lap dancing club or London’s best Gentlemen’s club, we are the very best.

An industry in the making – The Windmill International was London’s first Strip Club in the heart of Soho’s cobbled streets, it was originally opened in June 1931 as a theatre by Laura Henderson. The name Windmill originated from the location as a Windmill originally stood on the same spot. When Laura Henderson bought the theatre she completely remodeled the whole place and made it a legitimate theatre. In 1932, the new manager  Vivian Van Damm started to put on more shows from 2.30 pm until 11 pm with singers, dancers and showgirls. The theatre was unprofitable so as a bold gamble nude performers were added to the show. At the time the censor for all theatrical performances in London was Lord Cromer who rejected the nude performances feeling they were too risqué. Van Damm argued with him stating that many great pieces of art from statues to painting in London and around the world were naked. On Lord Cromer’s  request  the only way ladies could perform nude was to stand still like a statue or painting. The ladies used to move about the stage with big feathers and became legendary giving rise to the name as The Windmill Girls. The windmills most famous quote was “We Never Close” and true to the word they even stayed open during World War II. The theatre did end up closing in 1964 as it couldn’t keep up with the new strip clubs in Soho. The theatre left behind the tasteful nudist scene. Due to the change of law in the 1960’s fully nude dancing was allowed, this brought a boom of strip clubs to London’s  Soho.  The global strip club industry was estimated in 2005 to be valued at US $75 billio

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