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Where words fail, music penetrates the ears… Music has changed throughout the years with different genres becoming more popular at different times. Music is found in every part of the world and every culture. It brings people together for the good times and the bad. Music may have been in existence for at least 50,000 years. Every club plays music all night long for the customer’s pleasure, just like here at Whites. So many famous song writers have written and produced songs about strip clubs, from rock and roll artists like Ac/Dc and Aerosmith, to rappers like 50 Cent and T-pain through to legends like Michael Jackson and Shirley Bassey.

If you are struggling to think of songs that relate to strip clubs and the industry, here are a few to jog your memory and whet your appetite:

Michael Jackson’s song ‘Give in to me’ was the 10th track on his 1991 studio album Dangerous. The song peaked for four consecutive weeks at number one in New Zealand, and at number two on the UK Singles Charts. The single featured Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash. Some suggest that the song, also considered a heavy metal ballad, has an aggressive sexual flavour.

Shirley Bassey hit ‘Big Spender’ was written by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields for the musical ‘Sweet Charity’ in 1966. It is set to the beat of a striptease as the girls taunt the customers. Shirley Bassey’s hit version reached the UK Charts in December 1967.

50 Cent had 2 chart stoppers with ‘Get Low’ and ‘Ayo Technology’.  ‘Ayo Technology’ is from his album ‘Curtis’, it was the 4th single on his album. Justin Timberlake features in the song alongside with vocals from Timbaland (Timbaland produces the song). Internationally, the song peaked within the top ten of the charts in many countries, including Australia, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

‘T-Pain’ also with 2 singles – ‘Get Low’ and ‘I’m in Love with a stripper’. ‘I’m in love with a stripper’ was released in late 2005; it hit at 5th on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The controversial song is based on a man who goes to a strip club and likes the look of a certain girl, therefore wants to take her to his place and spend the night.

Usher ft. Juicy J – I Don’t mind.  The song was released on November 21th in 2014. The record was part of RCA Record; it was the lead single on his eighth studio album. The song is about a man being involved with a stripper and not being bothered about her line of work.

Wyclef Jean – Perfect Gentleman. The hit single was released in July 9th 2001 on his second studio album. The song hit 8th on the Bubbling Under Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song Charts in the United States, but hit a unbelievable 4th on the UK Charts. The song is about how a man falls in love with a stripper because they are real people and mostly genuine women who are just trying to get through college or pay for the family or kids.

Flo Rida – ‘Right Round’ was released to radio on 27 January 2009. According to one of the song’s writers, the chorus refers to a stripper. The success of the song reached the top ten charts in nineteen different countries worldwide. With the massive popularity of the song the single was used in several movies, such as – The Hangover, The Ugly Truth, Rush Hour and Pitch Perfect.

The words of Bob Marley, “One good thing about music, when it hits you. You feel no pain”. Whether you refer to whites gentlemen’s club London as London’s best strip club, London’s best lap dancing club or London’s best Gentlemen’s club, we are the very best. Come down and get lost in the music with us. x

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