Is the Russian Revolution just beginning?

Romanov’s Retreat

The 1917 Russian Revolution inspired ‘Romanov’s Retreat’ is captured in all it’s glory as our dramatic new room find’s its home at Whites, the entire room is palatial with gold leaf panelled walls and fire place, pure silk adorns the walls around the room and a beautiful period chandelier hangs majestically over the bespoke bed.

Russian Revolution

‘Romanov’s Retreat’ is captured in all it’s splendour as this dramatic room is filled with Imperial Russian objects, we are especially proud of the Golden eagle that sits on the fireplace, csar nicolas 11, a keen hunter favoured birds of prey, it’s new home here at Whites is the very enviroment it would have found itself in, the entire room is palatial with gold leaf panelled walls.

‘Rasputin’ the Mad Monk

We are famous at whites for our attention to detail and If you look around the room carefully you will see some images and photos of all the parties involved in the tragic events of the revolution obviously csar Nicolas ll, his family including favourite daughter Princess Anastasia, Rasputin the ‘mad monk’ and revolutionary leader Lenin.

Csar Nicolas II

This magnificent Royal room is covered in a mass of fur throws, real animal hair and cushions which give a real authentic feel of imperial Russia that even the tragic csar Nicolas ll and he’s family would of really enjoyed. we hope you like it. x

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