Top tips for handling a Top Strip club in London and Whites Gentlemen’s Club

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If you have never been to Whites strip club before here are a few tips to follow and remember, so you can have an unforgettable night… 

1-     When walking into Whites the girls will spot you before you spot them, so walk in proud and with your head high and dress to impress.

2-     Before you find your perfect lady for your night out it’s club policy that our girls cannot approach you until you buy some drinks at the bar. Allow yourself to loosen up and enjoy our beautiful surroundings, we have a dance voucher system for the private dances so hurry and get your voucher to get the lady of your dreams! The vouchers  are available behind the bar or at the dance booths, the venue doesn’t just provide a free show. We also have hot bartenders, and talented dancers rely on you to be  a good patron.

3-    Offer a lady a drink or one of our amazing cocktails if you’re interested in spending time with her, but on the other hand if a lady approaches you and you don’t want to spend time with her please be polite when turning her down.

4-    If you are sitting around the stage area it never hurts anyone to tip the ladies if you liked her performance… and if you’re in a group don’t just leave it for one guy to tip… You’re all there watching.

5-     Obviously guy’s the more money you spend on her the more time and fun she can have with you! The girls have to be paid to entertain you, so once her time is covered she can be yours all night if you want.

6-     Know the club rules and remember them, each club is different, and never go pass the girls boundaries. Just pretend it’s your first date and if she says no touching that means NO touching!

7-     Just remember this is all a fantastical fantasy and the ladies are playing a role, so please don’t ask for phone numbers or ask to meet them outside the fantasy. They are not allowed to give you their personal number and it could cost them their job.

8-    There has always been that one question every man asks and every stripper hates… “what’s your real name”. All the ladies have a alter ego and tend to keep their private lives private, so please just don’t ask.

9-    Don’t get too wasted. It’s not very nice smelling vomit on you or even worse having to be carried out. We want to get you home safely and take your health and safety very seriously, we would feel better knowing that you made it home in one piece.

10-  Last but not least, if you are a female coming into the club the same rules apply. If you are coming in with your man you have no need to worry, our girls respect the fact that he is your man and you are together. They don’t want to steal him away from you, they want to give you both the most unforgettable night ever, so embrace our legendary atmosphere here at Whites and let your alter ego come to life.

We hope all this information will help you the next time you come to Whites Gentlemen’s club. Whether you refer to Whites gentlemen’s club London as London’s best strip club, London’s best lap dancing club or London’s best Gentlemen’s club. We are the very best. Cant wait to see you soon.. X


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