Can’t wait for the Honeymoon.

The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

‘Viva Las Vegas’ we hear you cry, we are very proud at whites of our stunning room.

‘The Wedding Room’ is sympathetically based on the little white chapel where Elvis and Priscilla were married in 1967 the wedding room is probably our favourite room, a true scene of the Greek god’s with impressive 8ft fluted columns covered in beautiful silk wisteria and lit by thousands of twinkle lights. X

The Wedding Chapel

VIVA LAS VEGAS, The Wedding Chapel as you can see on the picture opposite is a perfect little creation of Fun for you to have the funniest night of your life, and get married in a recreation of the Little White Chapel where Elvis and Priscilla were married in 1967, the wedding room is a true club favourite.

Elvis & Priscilla

The beautiful ceremony arch is authentic and has been used in wedding’s all over the uk before making it’s way to Whites, black velvet adorns the walls all beautifully lit and a dramatic crushed velvet sofa is probably the most comfy in the club.

Top Hat

So you know what we’ve achieved here at Whites this time around? You can actually come to whites and marry a stripper!!, all your accessories are in the room such as Top Hat, a ladies veil, a bouquet and there’s even a register to sign, you even get a wedding certificate Announcing ‘I went to Whites and married a stripper’ so it’s a fun night out you need, just come to Whites and ask the guy’s here.

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